Responsible Practice

Our Commitment

We are committed to act in compliance with the law and to behave in a fair, honest and ethical manner in all our business dealings and relationships, wherever we operate and with whoever we work.

Our Approach to Responsibility

As well as operating within the law at all times, DITH promotes a culture committed to conducting all of our business in a risk averse, fair, honest and ethical manner.

Our governance system covers a dual purpose – first ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations which apply to us and second, by employing our own internal standards and risk management policies based on leading international practices and developed from the lessons of our almost 40 years’ experience in the industry.

DITH’s Governance Model

We believe that, to be effective, good governance is delivered through a set of clear principles and a culture of compliance that is encapsulated in a practical framework. Accordingly, in DITH we operate a compliance framework which reflects both our values and our standards.

Our ‘Global Compliance Framework’ (GCF) represents our commitment to corporate responsibility. It consists of three tiers: Our Business Principles, Our Policy of Business Conduct and our Group Standards and Policies which provide for adherence to regulatory commitments and the identification and management of Business Risks.

DITH’s Governance Model

We regard strict adherence to the GCF as sound commercial sense and an essential element in delivering on our commitment to the highest standards of risk control and service to all our stakeholders and business partners: including employees, shareholders, financiers, customers and suppliers.

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