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Ardemagni S.p.A. is one of the leading players in the supply chain for electrical steel thanks to its quality and availability of material, as well as its capability to distribute throughout Europe.

Our leading market position is the result of a long history of success and strategic choices made at the right times.

  • 1946 - Foundation by the Ardemagni family

Founded in 1946, as a family-run business, Ardemagni, gained over the years an outstanding ranking in the Italian market in the electrical steel distribution.

The business evolved rapidly over time, and by the 1970s it began processing electrical steel, establishing itself as a reference for the well-known Acciai Speciali Terni and Falk companies.

By the early 1990s, thanks to both geographic proximity and successful relationships with Falk's sales managers, Ardemagni had earned a prominent place on the Italian market in the distribution of electrical steel.

The first factory, still visible today, on Viale Emilia in Cinisello Balsamo, grew as its business grew: from an island in the wilderness, in the middle of the countryside, to a reality framed in Milanese entrepreneurship, next to the strategic junction of the northern ring road.

  • 2010 - Acquisition by DITH and CSC Group

In 2010China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Duferco International Trading Holding S.A. (DITH) decided to invest in the Ardemagni Service Centre.

This milestone in our history saw the company taken over by DITH, a global leader in steel trading, and CSC of Taiwan, China, which produces 1.2 million tons per year of top-quality NGO electrical steel.

CSC and DITH decided to invest in Ardemagni's service centre because of its brand name and reputation.

The long-term partnership between Ardemagni, DITH and CSC immediately led to faster business growth with the acquisition of new important customers and the expansion of activity into the e-mobility sector.

For this reason, a few years after the acquisition, we began to consider the expansion of the production site.

2021 - Commissioning of a new plant

To respond to the growing demand for electrical steel for the production of e-motors, especially in the electric mobility sector, in 2016, the company decided to invest in a new plant for a structural expansion.

At the end of 2021, right on its 75th anniversary, the company left its historic headquarters in Viale Emilia 32, to be relocated just 2 km away, in via Monfalcone 25, Cinisello Balsamo.

To celebrate the new plant, in June 2022 Ardemagni held a Grand Opening Soiree right inside the production site, with more than 200 guests, including customers, suppliers, and many other stakeholders.


China Steel Corporation, DITH & Ardemagni joined together to ensure the highest quality all along the supply chain of non-grain oriented electrical steel.

Fundamental assets for a steel processing company are financial strength and logistics management; supply chain security is vitally important in building and implementing a robust sourcing strategy.

This alliance enables Ardemagni to be a reliable and strong counterparty to the most important e-mobility manufacturers worldwide, who require premium quality material for their European manufacturing operations.

Duferco International Trading Holding

In a more and more complex international steel trade market, the alliance with DITH ensures Ardemagni has access to appropriate financial resources while benefitting from world-leading steel logistics capability. 


The alliance with CSC represents for Ardemagni the key to value creation in downstream operations. Access to steady and consistent volumes of highest quality material, continuous benefit from CSC technical development and tailored technical support to customers is only a part of the service that Ardemagni can offer to its customers in all application fields.

“A steel mill that produces premium products with high value, developing and improving carbon reduction technologies.”

Headquartered in Taiwan, China with 16 million tons of steel production capacity, the CSC Group has positioned itself as a group that not only integrates steel and materials, engineering and services, mining, and resources, but also strives to be an excellent eco-friendly and resource-saving global player.

In 2020 CSC declared its dual development cores for the next 50 years:

1.         to be a high-value premium steel plant

2.         to develop in the green energy industry.

One of the major innovative research programs of CSC is to develop the technology of the electric vehicle industry.

In 2011-2014 CSC invested 500 million USD in in the production of top-grade thin gauge NGO electrical steel.

To satisfy the demands of the EV industry, CSC is committed to the development of thin gauge electrical steels with lower iron loss, higher magnetic flux density and higher mechanical strength.

As the steel service centre of China Steel Corporation (CSC), there are many good reasons to have Ardemagni as a partner in the EV production chain.

  1. Production capability: Ardemagni offers the full range of grades from 0.20mm~0.35mm and a high capability to meet customized requirements.
  2. Leading quality: Ardemagni ensures best performance on material quality, thickness, deviation and shape control.
  3. Experience: CSC is one of most experienced mills on thin gauge EV electrical steel.
  4. Reliability: Given that Taiwan has no automotive production, CSC is able to offer a reliable and stable volume of supply to Ardemagni as well as offering full technical support and cooperation from its R&D department


Ardemagni, as a joint-venture company, has implemented the CSR policies of DITH.

CSC also has its own CSR policy, according to international standards and requirements.

In fact, both companies, as internationally significant groups, have adopted scrupulous and continuously - updated corporate policies.

Ardemagni’s Health and Safety management is in line with European standards and Italian legislation requirements.

Commitment to the environment

Ardemagni and its shareholders, CSC and DITH, take care through the whole production cycle and beyond, from steelmaking to the final applications of the product.

How we do this?

1. Developing new technologies to improve our steel so that the motors in the final product are more efficient and consume less energy (short term goal)

2. Developing new materials, like wind power related materials and top-grade electrical sheets, in order to expand our business into eco-friendly downstream industries. (mid-term goal)

3. Engaging in low-carbon transition in collaboration with industry chains in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. (mid-term goal)

4. Developing a diverse range of renewable energy sources in response to low-carbon transition. (mid-term goal)

5. Engaging in energy conservation and carbon reduction, developing carbon rights, and participating in the carbon market. (mid-term goal)

6. Strengthening climate resilience to increase competitiveness as countries respond to climate change. (long-term goal)

Activity and Applications

Ardemagni imports coils and processes, packages and delivers strips to customers’ specifications. Our customers include blanking companies, motor manufacturers and OEMs.

Ardemagni’s Electrical Steel is primarily utilised in electric motors for industrial applications, for e-mobility and power generation. Moreover about 8% of its ES is used for production of static machines such as small transformers, reactors and inductors.

Today it is particularly important to invest in technology and skills throughout the electric motor supply chain: greater efficiency will enable a reduction in energy requirements lowering CO2 emissions.

Ardemagni imports, processes, and distributes electrical steel from China Steel Corporation in Italy and in Europe, with an export percentage amounting to 40%.

  • Factory 4.0

Ardemagni's rapidly growing business, especially in the EV sector, led the company to expand and open a larger and more efficient factory.

In late 2021 Ardemagni inaugurated its new plant, in via Monfalcone 25, Cinisello Balsamo and introduced the concept of Industry 4.0 where all plants are interconnected with our IT infrastructure.

The location in the outskirts of Milan close to the A4 highway, permits supply from various Italian ports and is a convenient starting point for deliveries to all Europe.


Ardemagni offers a wide range of grades to meet the various requirements of its customers.

Our steel combines core losses with relatively higher permeability features, with superior geometrical and mechanical properties that will improve your products, thus optimizing processing yields.

In case of special requirements where a new development is needed, Ardemagni will put you in contact with the engineers of CSC R&D department who will study the project with you to find a tailored solution to meet your targets.

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