Duferco Commerciale has been present in the automotive sector for the last 12 years. Together with DITH, we work with several premium global automotive steel suppliers to provide a wide range of qualities and dimensions in the European market.

Duferco Commerciale is now a local supplier to the automotive market and offers our customers:

  • A variety of Delivery Terms: e.g., DAP or DDP, upon customer request
  • Financing & Credit Insurance
  • Technical support and assistance from the supplier, DITH automotive technical support and from our local technical support staff.
  • Close coordination with the steel supplier
  • Commercial and administrative support

Geographic Distribution of Automotive Steel Sales

  • Total Volume by Geographic Region


DITH buys steel coils from leading automotive steel suppliers on either an FOB or CFR basis.

We inspect the coils at loading and unloading ports.

Supervise vessel unloading and storage at the warehouse at discharging port.

We have a commitment for buffer/security stock.

Delivery is based on consignment stock offering just-in-time capability.

The specific need of the customer determines the delivery schedule.

Technical Approach

DITH understands its automotive customers have individual specifications and stringent quality requirements. DITH oversees regular technical discussions between our customers and suppliers in order to provide a tailor-made solution to each customer.

Commercial Approach

The DITH Automotive Business Unit offers a range of contract options adapted to customer needs.
In addition to this approach, DITH can support OEM RESALE contracts in order to ensure and secure prime material costs.




Technical Support & Expertise

  • Automotive Material Knowledge: (Norms, Applications, Product Development).
  • Automotive Steels Production Processes: Requirements and specifications (stamping, profiling, welding, painting & corrosion).
  • Automotive Steel Testing: (General and Specific tests – Sampling / Follow up).
  • Quality System Issues: (Homologations, Contract reviews, Supplies).
  • Automotive Processing: (Stamping, Painting, Assembling).

Logistic & Services

  • Material shipped from Far East to the main bonded warehouses located in Italy, Belgium, France, Serbia, Brasil and Mexico
  • Material delivered to customer’s door almost everywhere in the world (Global agreement available)
  • Commitment for buffer/security stock (Storage/Consignment)
  • Semi-finished products on demand (Slitted, sheets, blanks)
  • Just-in-Time deliveries

Automotive – Products Mix

  • Cold Rolled: Surface Quality and Finish

Quality: A (Unexposed), B (Exposed) according to EN 10130

               Equivalent Surface Qualities according to OEMs’ specs

Finish: Bright, Semi-Bright, Matte, Rough (wide range of roughness guaranteed)

Surface finish Symbol Roughness (cut off: 0,8 mm)
Bright b Ra ≤ 0,4 µm 
Semi-bright g Ra ≤ 0,9 µm
Normal m 0,6 µm Ra < Ra ≤ 1,9 µm
Rough r Ra > 1,6 µm

Cold Rolled product can be produced by both Continuous Annealing (CA) and Batch Annealing (BA).
Product developed up to now are available from both annealing processes.

Coated Products

  • Surface Quality and Finish

  • Quality:  A (Unexposed non-skin passed), B (unexposed, Skin-Passed), C (Exposed) according to EN 10346
  • Equivalent qualities  according to OEMs’ spec
  • Finish: Ra according to Customer needs.
  • Ra: 0.8-1.4 typical range
  • RPc: Under Specific agreement
  • Wa: According to customer needs only for exposed quality
  • Ra, RPc, Wa ranges according to OEMs’ specs available

Coil Weight, Surface Treatment

  • Coating Mass

  • Pure Zinc (Z): minimum 90 g/m2, Maximum 275 g/m2
  • Iron Zinc (ZF): minimum 80 g/m2, Maximum 100 g/m2
  • Pure Zinc: min 80 g/m2,  max 275 g/m2 according to EN 10346
  • Zinc Magnesium: min 40 g/m3, max 120 g/m2 according to EN 10346

Equivalent coatings according to OEMs’ spec

  • Coil Weight, Coil Size

Coil Weight: CW according to Customer needs.

  • Max CW: 25 mt for CRC
  • Max CW: 28 mt for HDG
  • Typical CW: 15-25 mt

Coil ID (Inner Diameter): 508mm, 610mm for CRC and HDG

Coil OD (Outer Diameter): According to customer needs.

Function of ID, Size and CW.

  • Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment available are: O

  • Oil

  • Oiling: According to customer needs for oil brand  and quantit
  • Oiler: Electrostatic Oiling
  • Typical Oil Brand: Quaker, Fuchs, Houghton  (other oil brand can be exanimated under request)
  • Oil type: Rust Preventive, Prelube 1, Prelube
  • Typical Oil Quantity 0.5-1.0 g/m2 per side
  • Oil Control: +/- 150 mg/m2

According to OEMs specs

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