Our Purpose

DITH is a trading company

Facilitating global trade is at the heart of what we do. We apply our international networks, market knowledge and structured financial skills-sets to deliver the highest possible level of service to our customers and suppliers.

How we deliver value

connecting markets

Our business model provides an interconnected approach to the many, vital interactions of commodities trade.

We have nearly four decades of global market insight to identify opportunities and the operating expertise to execute them.

Managing risk

Our risk management protocols provide multiple layers of security.

Ensuring we operate best in class risk management programmes is not only a fundamental assurance to our stakeholders; it is, we believe, integral to our competitive advantage.

end-to-end logistics management

We operate a global logistics platform to provide reliable and efficient transportation that our customers and suppliers can depend upon.

Our logistics expertise is involved at every point in the supply chain to ensure the products we handle are delivered when, where and how they are needed.

Matching global trade to local business

Our global distribution assets and down-stream service centres provide our customers access to the individual product quality and order size they seek.

In doing so, we offer the benefits of our economies of scale and cost efficiency paired with a local, ‘just-in-time’, retail service.

structured financial solutions

The ability to finance is the master key to unlocking trade opportunities. Our expertise in structured finance solutions provides customers and suppliers access to effective financing tools to help underpin future growth.

And being Sustainable, Responsible, Trusted

We believe in transparency, fair play and that arrogance is the enemy of good business.

We are committed to act in compliance with the law and to behave in an honest and ethical manner at all times.

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