Ladle Purging Plugs

Purging Plug - Slot Type

  • Variety of unidirectional channels or slots to suit customer different purging applications.
  • Plug made from Alumina Spinel for high wearing resistance.
  • High flow rate.
  • Available with and without wear indicator

Purging Plug - Plate Type

  • Plug composed with high quality ceramic insert.
  • Design provides easy cleaning of hot face.
  • Fast reaction time and consistent gas flow.
  • Available with and without wear indicator.

Purging Plug with Safety Device

  • Main target: safety.
  • Applicable to all types of ladle shell designs.
  • Easy installation of seating block, purging plug and safety ring.
  • Safety ring is re-usable and forms a safeguard under the purging plug.
  • No mechanical maintenance needed.
  • No training is required.
  • Prevents steel penetration and breakouts.

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