The value-adding services functions combine with our trading, production and distribution activities to optimise the needs of our customers and suppliers alike

Insurance, logistics, shipping, technical support and structured financing form the basis of our Services Division. All of which, provide a vital role in simplifying and facilitating access to global trade.


Our established insurance unit handles insurance solutions for all cargo in transit and that which we hold on stock.

Coverage is provided for marine insurance too and by harnessing the benefits of scale we offer customers the option of buying with insurance included.


Closely associated with the trading and distribution facets of our business, we operate an international network of steel service centres to provide the vital interface between producers and the final end-users and retail customers within the supply chain.

The service centres hold stock from an accepted variety of suppliers and products and ensure prompt availability, just in time, therefore limiting inventory exposures for retailers. While the engineers and commercial personal in these centres add value through the beneficiation of steel into products and niche sizes directly suited for the markets in which they serve.


The role of our logistics unit is to coordinate the inspection and safe handling of cargo across the supply chain – from the factory depot or the miner’s gate, through to final delivery wherever and whenever needed.

We are a multi-modal supply chain manager for inland transportation at both origin and destination, breaking bulk, warehousing solutions, ocean-freight for containers, airfreight, river barges, trucking and rail.

Structured Finance

DITH has consolidated relationships with global banks strongly committed to commodity trade finance and long-standing relationships with local banks in numerous jurisdictions around the world.

As a key driver of the company’s growth and development of structured trade relationships, DITH has renowned ability to meet the needs of our suppliers and customers by structuring financial arrangements and tailoring our services – combining the global reach and expertise of our trading, with the acumen of our banking network.  


Our shipping team provides freight for all our business activities and for a range of third parties.

The shipping and chartering teams sit directly alongside our various trading units in order to deliver real-time services to each transaction, while our extended network of skilled port captains are purposely situated in key trade ports in Asia and around the world.  

Technical Engineering

Our technical teams offer broad and deep technical expertise as well as operational assistance to steel producers and independent suppliers.

Our people are senior engineers who have decades of experience working among some of the largest international steel producers and integrated facilities. Their knowledge and experience-led ability to deploy theoretical solutions within the practical constraints of operational realities, sets us apart.

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